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19th century Brass Snuff Box

19th century Brass Snuff Box

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A charming, 19th century snuff box made all the more so by the delightful and beautifully engraved, florid inscription: ` Rd. Finemore, Knackersknowle 1873`.* The box is cast from heavy quality brass with canted corners and a raised framing lip to the lid which opens to reveal a capacious interior for the snuff and a hand written paper inscription attached to the interior. Although difficult to decipher it appears to read: ` Presented to E J A at Windsor Castle on the occasion of the reception of Queen Victoria...[unreadable]` followed by a possible date of 1877.  The base of the box has a raised edge in order that the contents were kept free from moisture and the hinged lid fits securely. A lovely item of Victorian social history. Dated 1873.

*   The area originally known as  Knackers Knowle, a hamlet in the parish of Egg Buckland, Plympton St. Mary, near Plymouth, Devon is now called Crown Hill and is a modern name of circa 1880 to denote land at the crown of a hill.   Nackershole 1765;  Knackers Hole 1823.  Origin uncertain but clearly a `term of contempt`.  The first part could be connected with the present meaning of that word as a worked-out horse although local history suggests there may have been an abbatoir on the hill.

The 1871 census for England and Wales shows the following: 

Plympton St Mary Egg Buckland 

FINNEMORE, Richard, Head, 63, Ag lab, Knackers Knowle, Devon 

FINNEMORE, Paula, Wife, 55, Laundress, Black Down, Dorset 

Address: Reservoir House, Egg Buckland 

Ref: Plymouth Data: The Encyclopaedia of Plymouth History.

H: 2.5cm (1.0")   W: 9cm (3.5")   D: 5.5cm (2.2")

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