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Early 19th century French pressed horn snuff box - William Tell

Early 19th century French pressed horn snuff box - William Tell

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Rare and collectable, a decorative early 19th century French pressed horn snuff box, the lid depicting the story of the 14th century Swiss folk hero and patriot, William Tell.  The lid shows William Tell, surrounded by soldiers on horseback, taking aim with his crossbow at the apple placed on his son`s head as he stands beneath a tree and it reads:
`Guillaume Tell ajustant une pomme sur la tete de son fils`.  There is a crack to one edge of the box, the lid does not close securely and there are a few minor chips to the horn but the image on the lid remains in excellent condition with good definition.  A rare item to delight a collector.  Circa 1810-20.

Antoine-Marin Lemierre wrote a play inspired by Tell in 1766 and revived it in 1786. The success of this work established the association of Tell as a fighter against tyranny with the history of the French revolution The French revolutionary fascination with Tell was reflected in Switzerland with the establishment of the Helvetic Republic. Tell became the mascot of the short-lived republic, his figure being featured on its official seal. The French Navy also had a  Tonnant class ship of the line named Guillaume Tell, which was captured by the British Royal Navy in 1800.  Throughout the long nineteenth century, and into the World War II period, Tell was perceived as a symbol of rebellion against tyranny both in Switzerland and in Europe.

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H: 1.5cm (0.6")   W: 7.5cm (3.0")   D: 5cm (2.0")

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